One Day, New Ways – Post Conference Wrap Up – by Vicki Forbes, Communications Specialist

One Day, New Ways 2013 – Post Conference Wrap Up

The grit of Istanbul was still under my fingernails when I arrived at last Wednesday’s ‘One Day New Ways’ conference at 8.30am, having returned the night before from a 6-week trip around Europe.

It was a case of great timing as far as I was concerned, because my experience of last year’s conference told me that I’d be missing a fantastic day if my return date was any later.

This became obvious in the pre-conference promotion of speakers, all of who were of extremely high caliber, with sharp messaging, and a desire to see their expertise benefit others. That all speakers donated their time to be there attested to this.

‘How we C the future of HR’ was the theme, but the day was relevant to any industry or sector looking to interact with new ideas and ways of working. It was about the things we all value, like community, connection, and conversation.

The program was pacey and punctual, the content engaging, and the atmosphere open and personal.

The balance between calm and energising was just right. We were all grateful for the long morning, afternoon tea and lunch breaks that were built into the day, providing an opportunity to connect one-on-one or in small groups with the speakers, as well as with each other.

We were also grateful for the journals provided as gifts, in which to make notes and record thoughts as they came up throughout the day.

For a room full of professionals who care about people’s experience in the workplace, how they come to be there, and how to best serve a company’s or organisation’s goals with purpose and authenticity, every speaker offered something relevant and fresh to extend our understanding, knowledge and practices.

The #ODNW2013 Twitter feed captured some of the highlights:

Tanya Diesel on what it takes to be a ‘Conscious Leader’: purity clarity, magic, sensitivity, softness and seeing, and her call on us to know our purpose, to be mindful, and to identify our own ‘Mandela’ to help extend our consciousness and, ultimately, practice of Conscious Leadership.

on his personal career journey and challenges as a HR Director in ‘Creating a Culture of Candour and Courage’: Speaking up and having a voice increases performance, innovation and engagement. To be effective in calling you how you see it, candour must be balanced with pragmatism. It is the role of HR professionals to create a climate where candour can happen, and crucial to this is good chemistry between the HR director and the CEO.

Yamini Naidu’s practical session on how to ‘Connect through Storytelling’: Everyone has a story. We are hard-wired to listen to and tell stories. Logic, personal credibility and emotional connection are at the core of storytelling. Purpose and engagement matter most. Ask yourself, ‘Does my story have a clear purpose? Is it supported by data? Is it authentic?’ You don’t need a story for everything, but every time you want to influence, a story will help you.

To help us build on our storytelling skills, Amanda generously gave every delegate a copy of Yamini’s book, Hooked: How leaders connect, engage and inspire with storytelling.

The panel discussion with Di Ryall , Dean Rushton and led by Amanda Webb on ‘Careers outside Corporate’: When asked what advice they would give to someone wanting to make a career change as they had done, here’s what they said:

Di Ryall: “Take a leap, don’t waste a day of your life. Find what it is that saps your energy and then remove that from your life, or find a different way. Be bold, don’t think about what you can’t do, add skills, and don’t stay in the same job for too long.”

Katriina Tahka: “Go wide and listen, then go really deep and what you know is right for you right now.”

Dean Rushton: “Make a plan, but make it flexible enough to be able to respond to the things that you hadn’t thought of, or to new opportunities that come your way. Get out there and talk to people. It’s easy to feel like you are the only one going through the challenges of running your own business, but you are not alone.”

Jeevan Joshi on ‘What we need to know about MOOCs’ or Massive Open Online Courses: MOOCs can be a mainstream employee learning option that puts learning in the hands of the people. With its ability to deliver learning content to an unlimited number of people online, it really is time for L&D/HR to think and act like a start-up, and embrace MOOCs as an effective and efficient learning strategy.

The merits of MOOCs were also this month debated on The Conversation , and in , two articles worth reading to build on our understanding of MOOCs.

A half-hour meditation guided by GayatriMaa, took attendees to a space of calm and reflection. For some, that space was comfortable, for others, confronting, but for everyone it was a time to tune back in with ourselves and engage in some private thoughts.

Dr Jason Fox on the application of motivation science and game design to shift behavior and shape culture, or what Jason calls, ‘Making Clever Happen’: We need to make work inherently motivating. Progress against goals is motivating. We are more likely to invest time and energy in something that leads to progress. A good game has goals, rules and feedback. People don’t play games to avoid work. People play games to engage in well-designed work.

Amanda closed the day by announcing a $1,000 donation from One Degree HR to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, to support the organisastion’s work to improve the quality of life for cancer patients, carers and their families.

I know from the conversations I had with people over drinks and nibbles after the final session that I wasn’t the only one who left wanting more of the insights and experiences offered by the day.

One delegate summed it up this sentiment beautifully:

“I would have loved for my manager to be here today. Next year can I bring a non-HR guest to expand the thought leadership? Today was inspiring and grounding. The best day I have had this year. Thank you.”

Just like last year’s conference, this really was one day of new ways, led by a team of forward-thinking people who are passionate about connecting HR professionals and others with new ideas and each other, in a way that is genuinely engaging and impactful on all levels.

If you missed this year’s conference, then put it at the top of your list for 2014! Amanda Webb and the team at One Degree HR know how to run an exceptional conference that makes a difference and matters!

Vicki Forbes, Communications Specialist

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4 comments on “ One Day, New Ways – Post Conference Wrap Up – by Vicki Forbes, Communications Specialist

  1. Vicki, you’ve totally nailed it – the fast paced, information rich conference showed us all where we can strive to put our attention, not only to develop professional skills, but to better support our organisation. Same, same thinking from MBA studies is just not enough – actively seeking out new thinking (and ways to implement it) strengthens our profession, and the success of our organisations.

    Congratulations Amanda, you did an amazing job introducing many great speakers, as well sharing your own thinking with our community.

  2. I was so fortunate to have this mind blowing event recommended to me. It got me thinking as to how you could ensure that there were more like minded practitioners present and I thought that it might be a good idea to ask Talkpoint members. I belong to one of the Talkpoint groups of HRD’s that get together on a bi- monthly basis. At last Thursday’s session my group asked if we could get a guest session on storytelling – of course i recommended Yamini immediately. I have also had the occassion to talk to my peers about Jason’s insights on motivating individuals in the workplace.

    I have shared Jason’s wisdom with my leadership team and it really helped to re-direct our efforts

  3. The fact that I’ve since caught up with three people since the Conference shows that we had time to actually talk to others, seek help or just think of ways we can help each other in business. That’s rare for conferences! day had a good balance of topics…specialist with new thinking and new people. A good day, thanks Amanda.

  4. One Day New Ways was an excellent day with a rich mix of speakers and exciting variety of topics. Every one of them resonated with me and my work in one way or another, and I found the day absolutely energising and quite inspiring. I continue to think back to points mentioned and refer to speakers in conversation – it all really had a strong and beneficial impact!

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