Desperate to hear something new and interesting from the world of HR?

Keen to connect and share with your peers?

Needing some inspiration?

Time to invest in your own professional development?

Then join us for the inaugural One Day, New Ways conference, proudly brought to you by One Degree HR.

One Degree HR felt it was time for a change to how we do HR conferencing. It surprises us that most industry conferences are still 2 – 3 days long, expensive (time and dollars), are held at large hotels and conference centres, and the topics are often static and traditional.

We believe that people have two basic goals when attending a conference: to encounter new ideas, and to connect in person with peers and likeminded folks.

We have designed an unconventional one day conference that is mindful of your valuable time and provides you with a variety of new and interesting speakers and topics.  We have also built in plenty of break times for connecting with others, and we have committed to ‘lifestyle’ friendly start and finish times.

While One Day, New Ways has been designed with HR practitioners in mind, it will also be of great appeal to forward-thinking  people leaders and organisational development consultants.

We are passionate about bringing you an enlightening, inspiring and memorable day.
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